Luxury & Lingerie Shoot / Winter 2017

By Matt / October, 21, 2016 / 0 comments

Over the next few months I’m updating our roster as well as current portfolios. This time our theme is set as luxury, lifestyle and a little bit of lingerie. As always the lingerie bit is optional, as we’ll also be doing fashion and glamour shoots over the same course of time.


Sarah Sarah



Dominique-2014-18 Dominique-2014-17





Shoots will be held from October 24th to late November

Anyone who would like to get in on this opportunity to have their portfolios updated, just email me and we’ll arrange a time to shoot. As always, I won’t be charging to take photos, because I love it! And I’m even paying some of the best models! :) Thanks and I look forward to shooting some new faces! :)

Best of luck and have a great winter season!

-Matt Archibald